2021-2022 Canada Family Visas; Canada skilled immigration – Express Entry

2021-2022 Canada Family Visas; Canada skilled immigration - Express Entry
2021-2022 Canada Family Visas; Canada skilled immigration - Express Entry

The Canadian Government does understand that families wish to be together and immigration is permitted for many members of the family. Some family members – such as spouses and dependent children – can be included on the initial visa application for new immigrants to Canada, while parents, grandparents, and others must be sponsored by Canadian citizens and permanent residents.

Requirements for family immigration

Spouses and Partners

Your spouse or common-law partner can normally be included in your own application for immigration. A common-law partner is defined as a person of any sex (including same-sex partners) who has been living with you as a partner for at least 1 year. Similar information needs to be provided for your partner as for the “Principal Applicant” (yourself) on the visa application form.

Your spouse’s dependent children can also be included on your visa application.

This is normally a straightforward family immigration application to make.


As of August 2014 only dependent children under the age of 19 can be included in your visa application, except in the case of children with certain physical and/or mental disabilities and health conditions, who have no age limit. Previously children up to the age of 22 could be included.

A dependent child is defined as any child under the age of 19 who does not have a spouse or partner, or any child of any age who is financially dependent on you (or your spouse) due to a physical or mental disability or health condition.

If you or your spouse’s dependent children have dependent children of their own, these children can also be included on your visa application.

Parents and Grandparents

In most cases parents cannot be included on the initial visa application, and must instead be sponsored by a permanent resident or citizen, except in rare cases where the parents or grandparents are living in some hardship, and there are compelling humanitarian and compassionate reasons to allow them to be included on the initial application.


In order to sponsor your parents and grandparents to enter Canada as permanent residents you and your parent(s)/grandparent(s) must co-sign a sponsorship agreement, which states:

  • That you will provide them with financial support if necessary – such as if they become unemployed, for a period of between 3 and 10 years.
  • That your parent(s)/grandparent(s) will take all reasonable measures to support themselves financially.


You may be unable sponsor your parents or grandparents if any of the following conditions apply:

  • You did not abide by the financial support conditions for another relative you sponsored in the past.
  • You have ever defaulted on a court support order, such as a child support order.
  • Have ever received benefits/financial support from the Canadian government (except support for a disability)
  • Have ever been convicted of a violent or sexual offence, or any offence against a relative.
  • Have ever missed payments, made late payments, or defaulted on an immigration loan.
  • You are currently in prison.
  • You are currently declared bankrupt.


Sponsorship applications can be made for orphaned relatives under 19 years of age such as brother, sister, nephew, niece or grandchild. Sponsoring these relatives has similar eligibility requirements and restrictions with sponsoring parents/grandparents (above).

Further, you can normally sponsor a child under 19 years of age that you plan to adopt (subject to the relevant adoption laws). Please see our International Adoptions page for more details.

Canada skilled immigration – Express Entry

In January 2015 Canada instituted the new Express Entry system for skilled immigration and permanent residence. The system uses a two stage online process for applications. Prospective migrants first fill out an Express Entry profile, and if they meet the eligibility requirements are entered into a selection pool.

Express Entry Ranking

Applicants are then ranked according to the information entered on their profile. Factors taken into consideration include, but are not limited to:

  • Skills
  • Work experience
  • English and French Language abilities
  • Education

Express Entry Visa Categories

The highest ranking applicants will then be invited to apply for permanent residence under one of three skilled immigration categories, these include the:

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program: allows skilled professionals with significant work experience, employability, and adaptability to gain legal permanent residence in Canada.
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program: allows skilled workers with experience in a selected number of trades to gain legal permanent residence in Canada.
  • Canada Experience Class: a popular route to permanent residence for migrants with previous Canadian work experience, such as international students.

Please see our dedicated visa pages for the above categories for more details on each visa type, including requirements and information on how to score points for your visa.


Our dedicated team of immigration specialists can help with creating your Express Entry profile, ensuring that you are ranked as highly as possible, as well as with applications once you are invited to apply. All applications for Canadian visas are dealt with in-house by a member of the Law Society of Upper Canada.

Employers and prospective migrants with inquiries for our services may contact for assistance.

Further information, help, and advice

Workpermit.com’s team of specialists has over 25 years of experience in immigration services, and have helped thousands of people to study and work in Canada. All applications for Canadian visas are dealt with in-house by a member of the Law Society of Upper Canada.

For more information and advice on Canadian immigration law and Canadian visa applications please contact us

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