How can You get help with your CANADA immigration or citizenship application? Need Free Help & Free Assessment

Canada Immigration CRS Calculator/Express Entry Points Calculator
How can You get help with your CANADA immigration or citizenship application? Need Free Help & Free Assessment; Click here

How can I get help with my immigration or citizenship application?

There are several ways to get help with your application, depending on what you need help with. The fastest and most affordable way to get help with your application is to use our online resources.

Instruction guides

Most programs you can apply for have an application package with an instruction guide. The guide provides tips and information on

  • how to fill out your forms
  • pay your fees
  • submit your application

Find the instruction guide for your program.

There are also some online applications that allow you to apply without a guide. The online application will take you through all the forms you need to fill out, as well as paying your fees and submitting your application. If you need help with a question or document, click on the help icon (a question mark).

Before you apply, you should still visit the website to understand eligibility requirements, the application process and what to expect after you apply:

Canada immigration free assessment 2021-2022


Free Assessment; Come to Canada: CHECK YOUR ELIGIBILITY for 2021-2022 Canada Immigration

CANADA SKILLED IMMIGRATION POINTS CALCULATOR Changes were made to CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) calculator to evaluate scores of individuals under the Canada Skilled Worker Points System. According to it, individuals need to score at least […]

Frequently asked questions and how-to videos

Our online Help Centre has answers to over 800 questions to help you with your application. Type a topic or keyword into the search field to find questions about it.

You can also find how-to videos in our video centre. Type the topic you’re interested in into the search bar to find videos about it.

In-person help

For help in person, you can use a representative. If you’re outside Canada, you can also go to a visa application centre (VAC).

Use a representative

A representative is anyone (family, friend or paid advisor) who helps you with your application and who has your consent to get information about your file.

You don’t need to hire anyone to help you with your application. You can get all the forms and information you need to apply for free. Hiring someone doesn’t guarantee that we’ll approve your application or process it faster.

Go to a visa application centre (if you’re outside Canada)

Visa application centres (VAC) are private businesses that accept applications and make sure they get to the right visa office. There is a fee to use a VAC.

A VAC can

VAC don’t have services for every application. They can help you with

  • study or work permits
  • visitor visas (temporary resident visas)
  • travel documents for permanent residents

Find your closest VAC.

If you’re currently in the United States, you can also give your biometrics at an Application Support Center.

If we haven’t answered your question

If you already have an application in progress, learn how to update it or check its status.

If you have general questions about a program or service, contact us through our Web form.


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